Jan. 22, 2009 Eddie Benitez

Tonight on Whispers we welcome Eddie Benitez, an acclaimed Latin jazz guitarist who has toured with such artists as Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri, Eddie Palmieri, Barry White and Mongo Santamaria. He joins us to discuss his incredible experiences with ghosts and possessions that was featured on the Discovery Channel’s hit series “A Haunting”. His latest album, Lovers Never Say Good-bye, was released this past February and can be found on Amazon.

The show also has a call from the hosts of Shadow Talk Radio who call into surprise Eddie. Madness ensues. (Check out their great show by visiting Shadow Talk Paranormal Radio, voted number 3 on Haunted America Tours Top Ten Paranormal Radio Shows and Podcasts, a list we hope to grace one day soon!)

Note: Pardon the audio quality. Right before the show Adobe Audition told me that it could not find my microphone. I had to switch at last minute to an Olympus digital recorder that did an okay job at picking up the slack. I’ll be fixing the issue before next week. New computers always mean new headaches! ~ Nick

Show notes can be found here!

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2 Responses to “Jan. 22, 2009 Eddie Benitez”
  • Wendy says:

    My name is Wendy and I just saw The Haunting about Eddie Benitez. I have the same gift as him. Not to many people know about it. I have never met anyone with the same gift. I would love to talk to someone that shares the same experiences as me.

  • Truth says:

    The only gift Eddie Benitez has, Wendy, is a gift for conning people. Out of money and anything else.

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