Nov. 12, 2008 Jarrah White

Tonight on Whispers we welcome Jarrah White on the show. Jarrah is a contributing editor to and argues that man has never landed on the moon. He feels there is ample evidence to prove that the landings were faked in the midst of a Cold War with the Soviet Union to prove America had technological superiority.

Here is a quick bio on Jarrah:

Jarrah White is a native of Australia who debunks the Apollo Hoax debunkers, both in forums and through film. He is a contributing editor of and his videos can be found on YouTube.

Jarrah discussed not only the Apollo moon hoax but also suggested that the Challenger explosion could have been orcestrated by the government to cover-up knowledge Christa McAuliffe might reveal to the public.

Show notes can be found here!

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9 Responses to “Nov. 12, 2008 Jarrah White”
  • jason says:

    all those arguments towards a moon landing hoax are ludicrous. besides their arguable or inaccurate science, they will never explain why after decades, NOT ONE person has come forward and claimed they were part of a faked moon landing. there would surely be money to be made by someone who would do that– but those people dont exist, because we indeed landed on the moon.

    • romeo0310 says:

      Your arguments are flawed. First, the Russian space program was kept secret for many years until recently. No one leaked it. The Manhattan Project involved thousands of people who kept a secret too. And the NSA has 30,000 employees that keep secrets everyday. Second, Phil Plait refuses to debate Jarrah White, because government employees cannot win in debates against freethinkers and critical thinkers who think for themselves. Jarrah is the world's top expert in the moon hoax conspiracy and has memorized every point on both sides of the debate. you ought to watch his channel. the interviewers here were dumb cause after the show, they DID NOT discuss any of the evidence that Jarrah presented. Instead, all they said was "Well I'm a patriotic American, so I believe we went to the moon." that speaks volumes about their lack of freethought or critical thinking. they were totally subjective.

  • jason says:

    i enjoyed this show but it would have been amazing if you had an expert on the phone to present a counterpoint. that aussie guy is from the school of thought that the US government is one huge corrupt, anti-christ-like entity that is out to deceive and enslave every living human being. i doubt that NASA, in the 1960s, could even conceive of the notion that they had to shoot "backup" footage in case they failed on their mission or were not believed.

    there is plenty of pro-landing information on the internet- written by actual scientists (and not journalists trying to sell books with pseudo-science).

  • chris says:

    i love when the woman asks, "what kind of background do you have in astrophysics?" and jarrah answers "well i'm a filmmaker see"

  • bcrumpty says:

    Dr. Van Allen himself said that where the command module passed through these belts would have exposed the astronauts to the amount equivalent of a chest xray!

  • Luke Quixote says:

    James van Allen, the guy who is named after the belts… does Jarrah mean the belts are names after van Allen and not the other way around. I'm a qualified astrophysicist, and this is utter bunk. The particles in the outer van Allen belt are electrons, and therefore are leptons, and therefore have no internal structure, and therefore do not shatter into pieces. Ah the film piece. Jarrah quotes the photographs from the LO when he pleases but then claims film could not survive space. Talk about not gettng your story straight, then Jarrah needs to look at himself.

  • Very Interesting Article. It ll great if you mention the You tube address .

  • Wil Tracer says:

    Thanks for airing this. Jarrah is a great researcher and our contributing editor here at MOONMOVIE.COM

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